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Interested in discovery methodologies that have a customer-centric value perspective
and use that in applications for sales and the growth of brands, institutions and business organizations. I'm a tech entrepreneur helping startups, and businesses who want to scale their positive impact with market fitness.

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Read something on a new Topic today

Thinking that stands on the shoulders of giants. Insights that are obvious to some. It is the ongoing inclination of learning that will make you grow, not what you have learnt.

What to Expect

I mostly write to think things "out loud" for myself. I hope through this that some of you benefit from it as much as I do.

When I consume things, I want to document those and share these Ahh's! and Interesting!, the Agree and Disagree exclamations and things that might help someone else on a similar journey and know what they think. This is the unedited quick thought structuring my thinking and that of others.

Documenting the stuff I’ve used and implemented in my projects in this collection. Mostly Webflow related stuff, some shortcuts I refer to when processing data and Markdown files and other things to solve for specific business cases.

When maturation, time, or importance require and drive me to write something longer form. This should have some "you want to print out and copy it and share it in your colleagues inbox" qualities.


A topical collection in a magazine like publication format, including editorial and imagery and video – tba.

„If people can't tell stories – I don't think they’ll succeed as leaders“
Michael Moritz – on storytelling being the consistent part of starting, building, and leading any company
„Do not believe that reading all my book recommendations would make you into a different person. It is the permanence of reading, the insistence of reading that will“
Werner Herzog – Filmmaker who often features ambitious protagonists with impossible dreams
„As my mind roams, so does my style“
Michel de Montaigne – Essayist who takes us on his literary exploratory journeys while never finding certainty
„I'm always fascinated by ways you can explain things.
There's an empirical scientific explanation of how things are and it's a very convincing one. And it's one that differs from theology or myths, in that theology or myths don't make machines work.
With myths it's another way of looking at the truth.“
Stephen Fry – Polymath with the most curious mind