Thinking, Writing and Notes on the Internet

Thinking, Writing and Notes on the Internet

The internet provides an amazing landscape. It’s evolution must be pushed towards increasing opportunities and circumventing traditional gatekeeping structures.


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July 9, 2023
Jul 9, 2023

Manifesto for Writing on the Internet

So, I started with these manifestos to make it easier for me to not only write, but to also publish. It serves me as a reminder, but I feel like it needs an update.

Each has a different attitude towards the writing process, and they also present different expectations about the perceived audience's engagement with the text.

Work in Progress*

Work in Progress* *strong opinions loosely held The unedited and the quick thought. Maximized for done, not for polish. Because I have a tough time finding words. To me, it’s about thinking – structuring mine and that of others. With writing you climb those ridges where you start to "get it". To stir discussion with you, the bright minds. This is my log book."

It is important for me to characterize writing on the Internet as a continuous process, not a finished product. The phrase "strong opinions loosely held" is borrowed from Brad Feld and suggests that a writer like me is open to changing my views, thus my writing is inherently evolving.

The phrase "Maximized for done, not for polish" should remind me to be focused more on getting ideas down and less on perfecting the language or structure. As a result there may be errors or unclear points because I struggle to find the right words.

It is important to me to indicate that I use writing as a tool to better understand and structure my own thoughts, and also to stir discussion with my readers, and those whom I respect.

Therefore, I came to consider this stage of my work a "log book", implying that it's an ongoing record of my thoughts and developments, rather than a finished piece of work.

My Writing.

My Writing. I wrote this, not to be some ingenious article, some centennial original, some piece unique,… but because I learned something that might help someone else. I published this because I hope you learn something new just as I did, find things in it that you already know, but from a new perspective, or in a way that makes it more powerful to you." This is positioned more as a traditional piece of writing, with a defined endpoint. The author is clear about their intent – to share what they've learned with the aim of potentially benefiting others.

I anticipate that my work may confirm what my One Reader already knows, possibly offering a fresh perspective or making a familiar concept more meaningful.

It's implied that this piece of writing is complete, or at least more polished than a draft. It's a finished product that I, the writer have deemed ready for others to learn from.

In summary, "My Writing" suggests a more finished, polished work aimed at teaching or offering insights to the reader, while "Work in Progress" emphasizes the ongoing nature of writing and learning, with a stronger focus on personal growth and sparking discussion.


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