Our Quest for Positivity as Makers and Creators

Our Quest for Positivity as Makers and Creators


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April 1, 2023
Apr 1, 2023

The Quest for Positivity: Embracing the Duality of Experience in Making and Science

In content creation, the delicate balance between acknowledging adversity and promoting positivity can foster a richer, more authentic narrative that captures the essence of human experience. Reflecting on experiences without spiraling in a race to the bottom with negative and sensational content.

Similarly, in science, the intricate dance between positive and negative findings reveals the dynamic nature of knowledge generation. Negative findings help to form a more comprehensive understanding.

By appreciating the subtleties of this duality, we can create content that resonates on a deeper level, promoting empathy, understanding, and growth within our audience and ourselves. Embracing these nuances enables us to navigate the complexities of life with grace and wisdom, ultimately contributing to a more meaningful and fulfilling creative journey.

Creators’ Quests for Positivity

As content creators, many of us strive to spread positivity, help people, and make inspiring and uplifting content that can spark meaningful change and create a ripple effect that extends far beyond our own initial reach.

I myself as a maker and creator have always been driven by the desire to make the world a better place, to inspire positivity and optimism. However, the journey is not without its challenges. And many creators encounter similar unexpected challenges.

Especially in content creation it often seems much easier to create negative content than positive content. News networks, Newspapers, online content…

When looking at the media landscape the temptation to join the masses in producing sensational, attention-grabbing material is strong. To make an easy buck by letting pessimism dominate.

Maybe, the key to meaningful content creation can be found by embracing both the positive and negative aspects of experience, much like negative findings in research are actually great and very helpful.

Can’t we help ourselves but to make and consume Negative Content?

There is some “Paradox between Negativity and Content Creation”: Because it's no secret that negative content tends to generate more attention. Our brains are wired to pay more attention to negative information. Consequently, sensational content capitalizing on fear, anger, or sadness can drive engagement, making it appear easier to produce than positive content. This often leaves creators striving for positivity feeling disheartened.

The Temptation of Sensationalism

The success of sensational content only amplifies our frustrations as creators. In a world where clicks and shares equate to validation, it is tempting to follow in the footsteps of others, producing sensational content designed to shock and provoke. Focusing on positivity feels like an uphill battle that requires relentless dedication.

Dedication that in the magic of the beginning moment is undestroyable.

But is easily sidetracked when we are still on the phase of finding the momentum—the momentum it takes the steam engine lots of effort to get the flywheel going, before everything runs somewhat smooth.

That is the moment we are tempted the most to conform to the prevailing trends.

Because something is going, but not as we’d wish. Something is showing, but not in the scale that justifies any effort.

These experiences are clearly not always positive. But when positivity is what we strive for in our content how can we make these moments into something that helps us and others?

By acknowledging that they are experiences and using them to tell our story of growth.

Growth Comes Only from Stress and Relaxation

Just as growth comes when a stressed muscle relaxes, so too can personal and collective growth arise from acknowledging and learning from negative experiences.

Embracing the full spectrum of emotions and events. They are not good, nor bad. Because life is a complex tapestry. Something that is a duality of experience.

Negative Findings Advance Sciences

In the scientific community negative findings play a crucial role in advancing knowledge. By sharing negative results, researchers avoid duplicating efforts, prompt researchers to refine their hypotheses and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of their field.

In sciences, positive results often receive more recognition. Negative findings might not get published at all. They will only find internal audiences as negative findings get shared only internally as instead amongst the broader scientific community – what publishing a paper actually means: sharing with your community.

Learning from Science to Create Meaningful Content

This unfortunate reality hinders scientific progress and perpetuates a skewed understanding of the world. But it also offers a valuable lesson for content creators seeking to focus on positivity.

While publishing negativity in entertainment actually leads nowhere but in clicks and us feeling bad, in science focusing only on publishing the positive results takes the opportunity away from the broader community to advance the overall knowledge.

Perspective and intent matter so incredibly much when we create!

Although negative findings often receive little acknowledgment – despite their importance – we can learn from the value of negative findings in scientific research and apply this perspective to our content creation. By embracing the duality of experiences, acknowledging setbacks, and discussing how to overcome challenges, we can create content that resonates with our audience and fosters a growth mindset.

Crafting Positive Narratives

The key to focusing on positivity and creating meaningful content lies in embracing both the positive and negative aspects of experience while telling the story in a positive way. This balanced approach allows us to create authentic, impactful content that connects, relatable content that resonates with our audiences on a deeper level, ultimately contributing to a more positive and empathetic world.

  1. Just as science values both positive and negative results, content creators can acknowledge the reality of difficult situations while emphasizing positivity, resilience, and growth. And content creators can present a balanced narrative that acknowledges the complexity of human experience while maintaining an overall positive tone.
  2. Foster a culture of learning from failure by discussing setbacks and challenges, so we can help our audience learn from adversity, develop resilience, and cultivate a growth mindset. Just as scientists advance knowledge from negative findings we can create powerful reminders of optimism the potential for growth and progress.
  3. Encourage critical thinking and curiosity like scientists who refine their hypotheses based on negative findings, so we can inspire our audience to question assumptions and consider alternative explanations and see the positive of an experience.

By incorporating these principles, content creators can embark on a hero's journey that acknowledges the complexity of human experience and hardships of life while inspiring and promoting positivity and fostering meaningful connections.

Content that resonates with those who encounter our work to go make a positive impact

And content that we as content creators is inspiring to us. Because while our mission is to inspire, educate, and uplift our audience, and with a growth mindset we can continue on this path with renewed confidence and purpose ourselves.

Embracing the Journey

The journey to create positive and meaningful content is undeniably a challenge in itself. It becomes deeply rewarding when embracing the duality of experience—both the triumphs and the setbacks, the positive and the negative. As it provides us with a more profound understanding of ourselves, our audience, and the world around us.

As we forge ahead on this journey, let us remember that the true power of our content lies in its ability to connect, inspire, and transform. Transformation often starts from a worst place. Yet its destination is not guaranteed to be a better one. Therefore, the quest for positivity or better is rather a continuous exploration—a way of becoming “avenir”. A way of being.

With every triumph and every challenge, we become better equipped to navigate the complexities of life, using our creativity as a beacon of hope and positivity. With that creative act of being we can make a lasting impact, fostering a world where understanding, resilience, and growth prevail.

Let us take heart in the knowledge that the journey itself is the reward. In doing so, we come to embody the essence of authentic, meaningful content creation—a journey that ultimately enriches not only our own lives but also the lives of those we touch along the way, one story at a time.

Basically, transcending the boundaries of our individual stories. Together, we can celebrate the resilience of the human spirit, champion the pursuit of knowledge, and contribute to a brighter, more compassionate world, one story at a time.


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