The VaynerMedia Consulting Menu

The VaynerMedia Consulting Menu

The VaynerMedia Consulting Menu is a fun way to show clients what they can expect from the chef and to help him understand where a client is immediately.


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January 29, 2020
Jan 29, 2020

Gary Vaynerchuk amazes me again and again.

First Operationally

He’s so deep in operations that there’s no difference between work and free time: Its all life and he’s living it.

And I’m not alone. In his new Vlog WeeklyVee 002 “Luck is not a Strategy” Andrea Sullivan, CMO of VaynerMedia, finds the right example to put this into words:

"Gary is such a master at being on the move, and getting right to the point, and understanding where a client is immediately. […And then] he hands it off to the rest of us to bring it home."

They say to skip to minute 19:07, but this is where the juice is! Enjoy the 6 minutes, then come back…

Second Productizing Services

He created a fun way to show clients what they can expect from the chef and created a menu in the style of an all American Diner - The VaynerMedia Consulting Menu.

Productizing services is quite difficult. All clients think they have this unique problem to solve. But you know that's far from true. Most challenges can be summed up in. They great opportunity lies within this process and therefore your Agency to strategize about what it is you do, what value you bring, and how to position yourself.

Now of course everybody is curious: What’s this ominous Diner menu look like and how does it taste? One thing for sure, they serve EMPATHY with whatever you’ll have (take a close look at the bottom).

But for the rest? I cannot decipher it. But that's not important anyways because it will be something a little different for you even if you are a Social Media Marketing Agency and similar realms as your "competitors". It is the challenge on the meta of your organization that brings value. But at the same time I'd love to make the opportunity to meet him and his team at a 4Ds...

A quick glance on the Vayner Menu

What's on the Vaynermedia Consulting Menu?

All I can identify on the first glance is:

Main Services
Full Service Agency Partnerships

Sides: Consulting
Consulting Engagements

1.      Integrated Marketing 2020 Playbook
2.      ACE Brand Positioning
3.      Culture Trends & Strategy
4.      Gen Z Roadmap
5.      Voice & New Audio
6.      LinkedIn B2B Blueprint

The Influencer Map

Now Serving EMPATHY White, Red & Rose Wine ☺

Does anyone have the entire menu to share?

Pretty straight forward menu isn’t it?

Not playing around here with a thousand dishes but serving brain-to-table relevant ingredients, aren’t they?

Whatcha think?

Photographed by Anthony Fomin; Top photo Hudson Yards by Zachary Shakked


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