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May 30, 2020

GaryVee’s New Podcast on E-Commerce

Wondering what happened to Coffee and Commerce Episodes 5 and 6 of GaryVee newly launched ecommerce podcast?

"never give up" photo by Ben Yang

Well, I was too… Turns out there is a separate VaynerCommerce YT channel.

Since Covid there seems to be a wave of new podcasts and YouTube channels and Instagram engagement. But the craze seems to be more on the creation side of things. At least for podcasts because while new podcast spring up like fresh mowed lawn in May podcast the listening times for podcasts and music streaming in general are down.

Quite understandably. Who doesn’t want to rip off their headphones after people chewing on your ear over Zoom all day long?

Well, there’s one new podcast that is worthwhile getting your ear chewed off. It’s GaryVee’s new format on E-Commerce called “Coffee and Commerce”. I enjoy the guests he has on much more than the Q&A sections of his keynote talks. He invites operators and software creators alike and “really want[s] to provides value to all the people out there”.

Come Saturday, and what better to do than put your earphones in and listen to a podcast while working…🤣 Brewing some freshly ground coffee, putting my headphones on, heading over to GaryVee, and... excuse me, where are Episodes 5 and 6 of Coffee and Commerce? Had seen on Twitter that Zubin Mowlavi, the CEO of VaynerCommerce, wanted to be live yesterday. Episode 7 with him and Gary was a week ago... and the only thing I can see are exactly this and Episodes 1 - 4 on Gary's YouTube.
Same on the GaryVee Audio Experience; it’s a podcast after all, or is it?

Even on Google it took me a couple of searches before finally figuring out that they are hosted on VaynerCommerce:

Coffee & Commerce Episode 1: The Launch with GaryVee, Ben Fried, Robbie Deeks and Zubin Mowlavi.

But even there the video description is void of any links to a podcast… Have you ever tried listening to a YouTube Video on your phone? It’s a horrible experience and not even possible without the YouTube app.

Turns out that Gary only posts the episodes that he’s in. In Coffee and Commerce he actually is a guest and a moderator at the same time and for those episodes that he’s not a part of  VaynerCommerce CEO Zubin is hosting.

Guess this means it gets even better since both an operator (Gary Vaynerchuk) and a software creator (Zubin Mowlavi ) alike are co-hosting this show! Don’t miss it if you want to understand the importance of what is happening in Commerce right now: I could not explain it any better.

May 30, 2020
May 30, 2020

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